Pinecone Fire Starters, [product_type], Got A Light Soy Candles, [variant_title]
Pinecone Fire Starters, [product_type], Got A Light Soy Candles, [variant_title]

Pinecone Fire Starters

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Pinecone fire starters made from all natural products are as pretty as they are functional.

Choose unscented, assorted, or from the dozens of scents we have to offer.

Each fire starter burns for approximately 20 minutes, and will burn hotter than paper and other types of fire starters. Simply light the wick and cover with kindling for a beautiful and easy fire anywhere.

Pinecone fire starters also travel well, and are perfect for building a fire anywhere - whether you are lighting a fire pit, a camp fire, bonfire, or your fireplace.

Great for colder days, summer grilling or as a unique gift. They are attractive and eco-friendly. They are a wonderful way to light a fireplace or fire pit.

Just light them and place them in your fireplace, fire pit or wood stove to help start the fire.

Please note that all pinecones are not the same and may vary in size and shape.

Soy wax may vary in color depending on the scent chosen.

If you want a quantity not available in the options, please send us a message for a custom order.

Please allow a few extra production days for larger quantities.

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