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We can't imagine a better combination than scented candles and healing crystals: one fills up with home with a warming scent, and the other replaces negative energy with good vibes, and together they make an incredibly successful team.

With our crystal candle collection, you will have the best of both worlds! Combining energy crystals with candles helps release and enhance the stone's properties. 

Put them together and you've got an addition to your home decor collection that will emanate positivity and good vibes.

The crystals in our Crystal Collection energy candles have been carefully placed in the bottom of our candles allowing them to be infused with the candle's fragrance as you burn your candle.

These candles each contain a different type of crystal, from quartz to amethyst to citrine, and will fill your home with a unique form of energy; not to mention some of your favorite scents! 

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